Command list

8ballConsult 8ball to receive an answer
aboutAbout me~
achievementGet those achievements like in Minecraft!
bakaCall someone a baka
beerGive someone a beer! 🍻
birbPosts a random birb
biteBite someone :3c
boopBoop someone for fun :3c
bootThrow a boot at someone >:3
callingTom & Jerry calling meme generator
catPosts a random cat
choosePicks from a list of choices. Example: choose this, that, other
coffeePosts a random coffee image
coinflipFlip a coin!
cookieGive someone a cookie! 🍪
crysob sob ;-;
cuddleCuddle someone
dabDab on haters~~
danceDance till you're dead!
defineGet the definition of something
didyoumeanMake a fake Google 'Did you mean' image
discordmemeDisplays a random discord meme
dogPosts a random dog
dootDoot doot doot
drakeThat? Nah fam
fPress F to pay respect
factsBoost your ego by making everything you say a fact
feedbackSend a feedback to help me improve <3
flowerGive someone a nice flower
fruitsnacksGive someone a fruit
handholdHold someone's hand
helpMy commands and stuff :3
highfiveHighfive someone
hugGive someone a hug
inviteInvite me to your server
kissGive someone a kiss
lewdWhenever someone is just lewd
lickLick someone
lovecalcCalculate the love beetween two persons
nekoPosts a random neko
nomNom someone
patGive someone a pat
pickleFind out your pickle size!
pingPong! Check if the bot is online!
pokePoke someone
ratewaifuRates what you desire, or your waifu
reverse!poow ,ffuts esreveR
rollRolls a number between the given range | Write help for more info
rpsPlay Rock, Paper, Scissors
sadcatPosts a random sadcat
scrollThe sacred scroll has something to say!
shameMake someone walk the 'dock of shame'
shipMake a lovely ship <3
slapGive someone a slap
slotRoll the slot machine
supportGet an invite to our support server!
supremeSupreme logo generator
throwThrow something at someone >:3
tickleTickle someone
urbanFind the 'best' definition to your words
voteMake a vote on your server
wagWag the tail, yes
woopWoop woop!